Podcast 001, Deliver - Enjoy!

Here is my first podcast, some kind of behind the scene show about the first song on my new album. Below you can find the lyrics, who played what, videos and links to people I mention in the podcast.


I’m working on something
Don’t know where I’m going
It’s down to luck and reason
if it turns out to be anything

There are forces in my stomach
I get obsessed - ohh crackit
I’m tuned into every channel
just to find that tiny little nugget

Deliver, In the feel of a chorus girl
Deliver, that one word that can save the world
Deliverfor the chance to unfold a pearl

I’m a phony I’m a gimmick
I’m a puzzle with nothing in it
Doesn’t really bother me if
it makes an hour feel like a minute

Seems dreadful - but I love it
Get’s me going - goddamnit
It’s my little something in the
world, and maybe my dent in it

Davíð Þór Jónsson: Hammond & Piano, Rúna Esradóttir: singing, Mugison: singing

Pétur Ben: Bass & Box Arrangements

B.O.X. (Baroque Orchestration X): Kiam Byrne: Viola da Gamba, Pieter Vandeveire: Viola da Gamba, Borgar Magnason: Double Bass, Jón Birdsong & Lambert Colson: Cornetto, Trumpet, Bart Vroomen: Baroque Trombone, Jutta Troch: Baroque Harp, Matties Vanderieen: Drums & Percussion, Pieter Theuns: Theorbo & BOX Leader.

links to people mentioned:

Keyvan Chemirani - Le Rythme De La Parole (Teaser Trailer)

Pétur Ben is a long time best friend and collaborator. http://www.peturben.com/

Pétur Ben made an amazing arrangement for the B.O.X a Belgian Baroque ensemble. I had such a great time playing with them.. and their main man Pieter

Davíð Þór Jónsson is a multi instrumentalist on this one he played Hammond and Piano. http://www.davidthorjonsson.com/

I forgot to mention Mary Ford and her singing-inspiration on this track. There is somehow a straight line from Mary Ford - The Carpenters - Will Oldham - Sin Fang

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