Podcast 003, Who Would I Be Holding Tight - Enjoy!

Mugison - Podcast - Who Would I Be Holding Tight -  from the album Enjoy!
Here is my third podcast, some kind of behind the scene show about the third song on my new album. Below you can find the lyrics, who played what, videos and links to people I mention in the podcast.

people who played on the track:

Þórbjörn Sigurðsson: Piano, Harpsichord, Synths, Mellotron, Harmonium & singing
Guðni Finnsson: Bass
Davíð Þór Jónsson: Rhodes
Ingi Garðar Erlendsson: Trombone
Þorleifur Gaukur Davíðsson: Harmonica
Magnús Tryggvason Eliassen: Drums
Frank Aarnink: Percussion
Guðmundur Pétursson: Guitar
Mugison: Singing & Synth


Who would I be holding tight

Who would I be holding tight
if I knew I'd die tonight?
Would I regret
some of the things I've done?
Or try to reset?
Will religion kick in
Or the thought that we’re just bones and skin?
Will there be a loop?
Repeating in my head?
I don't wanna be dead.

Being human
doesn’t make sense
I’m like the monkeys in the trees
Or a slave to my machines
somewhere in between
Being human
doesn't make sense
I believe in humor and love
fear and all that stuff
that makes me dance and shout
day in and day out.

My mind is like a hurricane
Oh the speed I'm at is hard to sustain
Was it all in vain, did I try hard enough?
Was I blinded by stuff
When I should have been with you
laughing at the mess, like we used to
Thinking about death is the healthiest thing
The perfect upswing

Being human
doesn't make sense....

Peaple I mention:

Here you can see a very tired me and Tobbi playing few songs together for the Nordic Playlist.

Frank Aarnink played Step-Dance-Shoes in the song..

Guðni Finnsson playes Bass in the song but here he´s singing one of his minute songs.

Here is Magnús Tryggvason Eliassen playing drums with Kippi Kaninus :-)


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