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In Akureyri 2019

In Akureyri 2019

As always I´m just about to make this website come to live… It´s like i´m allergic to online stuff, webiste, sosical media… , but now I´m taking antitoxic and all sort of digital medicine, feeling a lot better and less intimidated.

Did lot´s and lot´s of gigs in Iceland this summer, just me and my wife in our home-converted-Spriner-Van (a delivering van with a mattress). It´s becoming a very cool routine driving around the countrie in the summer going from town to town and visit people. I absolutely love it, all the people we meet, the stories we hear and the frigging landscape! Jesus!. Most of the gig´s where in a very homey venues, a barn, churches, some community halls, bait shack, bars and coffee houses. Most of the time the shows where sold out but to be fair most of these houses only fitted around 80-100 people, prefect size.

Did a grand finale show in Reykjavík fo nearly 2000 people.. these were 2 shows and one of them was live on national TV. Was all very exiting, played 2 new songs in the set, did some magic tricks and played the accordion.

Now I´m back home and working on a new Soundtrack for a film, called Gullregn. More on that later.. Think I´ll do a whole new blog about that zoon.. yes! yes!.. more blog coming sooon :-)

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