Happy Everything

Hi everyone and happy everything.

Our Christmas is like a postcard, big snowflakes, no wind, and just cold enough to get a read nose. I´ve added few Kg to my belly, nice. Just moved from Sudavik (130 people) to Isafjordur (2000 people) with the family, whole 20 minute drive. We got the apartment next to my dad and I got a small shed down at the harbor to work in, fishing for tunes.

Been trying to put together a show for Sonar Reykjavik only using Hardware stuff (no computer), sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it, been wanting to make a solo-electronic show since 2009.. now I know it´s so much easier to dream than to do!!!

I´m also working on this protect with my best friend Pétur Ben and BOX (a group of very talented players that specialize on baroque instruments) from Belgium.

Hope the holidays treat you well.